14 Casual Old Navy Outfits Girls Want In Their Wardrobe

So that shopping bug is itching at your side, and your wardrobe is looking quite drab and bland lately so of course there is no better excuse than to go shopping for a new dress (or several).

Except, there’s quite a caveat. It’s after Christmas, or a huge birthday celebration, or even a big anniversary dinner of some sort – basically a huge event that gave you reason to blow all your money and now you’re punishing yourself by cooking.

Eating at home and not going out dancing. Well, breathe easy because Old Navy has an amazing selection of dresses that are not only fashionably chic and cute, but also well within budget.

Waist-Defined Wrap-Front Gingham Dress

This adorable checkered pattern gingham dress ties at the waist with a matching built-in belt and concludes with a slightly ruffled hem at the bottom. This cute dress comes in two colors – blue or yellow and both are fantastic for a picnic at a park (just don’t match with your picnic blanket or you’ll end up blending in).

Old Navy recommends matching this dress with a denim jacket and I agree! However, this dress is so versatile that you can easily match it with a super cute leather jacket as well! Additionally, I recommend a pair of sandals to keep up with that picnic vibe.

Ponte-Knit Sheath Dress

Have you ever made the mistake of overbooking yourself on your calendar or planner? Basically, you have your work, of course, where you’re always dressed professionally. However, right after you have a function to go to where formality and professionalism just sail out the window.

It could be a birthday dinner or an evening on the promenade, but basically you go from looking chic and on point at work to being an overdressed stickler unless you go home and change – which with this sheath dress, you don’t have to!

Available in five different colors (royal purple, blackjack, Victorian jade, blue stripe and black/white strip) this dress was created to allow you to just hop in the car after your office job and head straight to the bar. Pair this little dress with close-toed heels to top off that professional look during the day and chic look at night.

Waist-Defined Flutter Sleeve Dress

Available in two riveting floral designs, black, and lilac, this flowy, fluttery dress is a must have for any and all day time trips you plan on making. The way this dress strategically places its ruffles to give off that cute wavy feeling as opposed to be overpowering (like most ruffles can be to me) honestly wins me over.

And similar to the Ponte-Knit Sheath dress above, this dress can be worn both in a professional setting and during happy hour at your favorite bar! For this dress I would recommend matching it with a pastel or white pair of flats or heels if you decide to buy the floral prints or the lilac colored dress.

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Fit & Flare Jersey Dress

Before I become a broken record, I’ve come to the realization that most if not all of these dresses, including this one, are definitely work-friendly and “margaritas at the bar on a Friday afternoon” friendly at the same time! This particular dress are for the girls who love the fitted waist but want more flair on the skirt portion of the dress.

Available in black with a polka dot design, teal, sunflower gold, and a navy palm print, I recommend a pair of open-toed heels to match with whatever color dress you buy, but if you had to choose only one – a mustard yellow pair of heels would definitely work best with all four colors!

Most importantly, I recommend wearing this dress to a restaurant or bar where there’s a dance floor that will let you twirl around to show off the skirt!

Ruffled High-Neck Swing Dress

When your stress levels are high, people recommend working out or getting a good night’s sleep. Other recommendations include drinking more water, scheduling in a massage session (although the scheduling part may just add more stress, no?), but how often do they recommend buying a relaxing, flowy, comfortable dress?

This is a must have fluttery dress that goes light on the ruffles and will relax and ease your tension – or if it doesn’t physically do that, you’ll at least convince people that you look relaxed! Available in a white and black polka dot print or a butterfly print, this dress can be paired with black flats or wedges to finish that relaxed look.

Patterned Ponte-Knit Sheath Dress

Similar in design and style to the other Ponte-knit Sheath dress, this dress gives off a more professional tone with its three-quarter sleeves and slightly longer hemline.

The dress comes available in four different prints, including gray horizontal stripes, a black floral, a burgundy floral, and a black print with white polka dots. While the waist is seemed, it would go excellent with a big, bold black belt. Finish the look with pointed heels or flat to show who’s boss!

Fitted Crew-Neck Tee Dress

This dress is super friendly to both women who are fashion obsessed and for those who still hang on to their tomboy sides from the good ole days (where you didn’t have to stress over bills and work).

The tee dress is so casual and comfortable that I would go as far as to recommend wearing a dark pair of leggings underneath (a plus for those who don’t normally care for dresses) and a pair of sneakers, or just wear the dress itself and adorn it with a nice pair of flats.

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Fitted Rib-Knit Shift Dress

Another super casual, super fun dress, the fitted rib-knit fits its name well as it will definitely hug your curves but won’t give you the impression that you’re too overdressed. In fact, I would recommend pairing this dress with some sneakers or canvas shoes to complete that daytime feel.

This dress comes in three different designs, including black, multi-striped, and black and white striped, the latter two being much more recommended for a casual out at the park feel while the black design can give you the option of being work appropriate and happy-hour appropriate!

Patterned Tie-Belt Shirt Dress

There was this fad a while back where girls would take their boyfriends’ oversized plaid or checker patterned button down shirts and create the cutest dresses out of them using the sleeves of the shirt.

This dress takes out the effort and struggle of creating that shirt by designing their own tie-belt shirt dress that matches similarly in that style! Available in off-white windowpane plaid or blue stripe, this shirt dress ties at the waist with a built-in belt and is definitely the go-to dress for any housewarming parties or baby showers!

Pair this dress with some sandals or flats and you’re good to go! For my more tomboyish girls, this dress also goes really well with a black pair of leggings and sneakers!

Jersey Swing Dress

Available in several different solid and floral prints, this is a dress you want to wear if you’re going out dancing! The top portion of the dress starts out casual with sleeves but towards the skirt area, there’s this enigmatic flow of the skirt that just makes you want to twirl around all night.

This dress goes best with a pair of heels (although flats do work!) and a martini in hand as you wine and dine the night away, all while feeling super comfortable as well.

Sleeveless Jersey Swing Dress

Need a new dress for work? This one is a definite winner for the working office ladies! Available in multiple print designs, this sleeveless dress will go great with a matching cardigan, ear cuff, and sterling silver bracelet.

Additionally you can wear ballet flats to give it off a professional work look, or switch out to sneakers when you’re going to brunch to sip on mimosas or Bloody Mary’s! For those who are more self-conscious about their legs (even though you shouldn’t) I would recommend a black pair of tights with this dress to go along with it.

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Waist-Defined V-Neck Dress

This really cute polka dot dress is so comfortable and flowy, and you can pretty much wear it for any occasion! Want to wear it for work? Wear a matching cardigan, add some flats or close-toed heels.

Want to wear it to church? A pair of black tights and heels would work with this dress. Want to wear it out at the park? Don’t forget a cute floppy sunhat and sneakers! Want to wear it out at happy hour? A nice pair of wedges would definitely work. This dress is one of those rare gorgeous dresses that can fit any occasion, any time.

Ruffle-Sleeve Tee Dress

This dress combines fashionably formal cute and casual with its barely there ruffle sleeves in an otherwise regular degular tee dress. The ruffles give you the opportunity to pair this dress with some wedges or heels to make you feel fancy, or you can just wear a pair of tights or leggings with some sneakers and call it a day as you’re running errands with plans to share a bottle of wine at a park picnic later!

Waist-Defined Sleeveless Dress

Of course I save the best for last! That might be a bit of a bias on my end, but to be honest this dress is the ultimate when it comes to a combination of casual and professional.

Sleeveless so it could fit weather changes of any kind (if it gets cold, add a cardigan or denim jacket), this dress is also decoratively cinched at the waist so your waistline does show, but not so tight that it comes uncomfortable – in fact this looks to be one of the most comfortable dresses ever.

This dress can be paired with flats or wedges for work, with sandals for a daytime look, and heels for night time drinks at the bar with friends. You can also even wear sneakers or athletic sandals if you’re more of an on the go type of person!

What honestly started as an adventure through Old Navy’s most fashionable chic dresses turned into the realization that all of these dresses are a must have due to their versatility to turn from professional work dresses to casual brunch dresses with just a pair of shoes or jackets!

On top of that, these dresses are incredibly cheap and wallet-friendly so you won’t be bruising your bank accounts any time soon. Of course, does this mean you should treat yourself to one dress or several? I’ll let you make that call.  

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