14 Double Breasted Outfits For Females That Are EverReady To Slay

Double breasted jackets are a classic piece of fashion. From the traditional Burberry trench coat, to the more modern blazers, there are tons of choices for every style. And they’re not just for cold weather, either. There’s plenty of warm weather options, too.

Here, we’ve gathered some great options for all seasons and styles. There’s everything from wool blazers to classic outerwear to bedazzled jackets for concerts or clubbing. No matter what kind you’re looking for, we hope you find something here.

Boden Longeline Twill Blazer

This is a classic blazer that’s perfect for fall or winter. It has a sort of Ivy League look to it that goes wonderfully with fitted trousers or a business casual skirt.

Keep the look going with a button down blouse, or give it more of a punk rocker vibe with a band t-shirt and chunky boots. It features a flattering fitted waist and wide lapels as well. The price makes this a lovely mid range option if you’re looking to jump into the world of blazers.

Mural Longline Gen Plaid Blazer

This is a longer jacket/blazer that works wonderfully as a finishing touch for a classy, professional outfit, but it’s also a great statement piece. Wear it over a simple black dress to really let it shine.

It’s a sleek, timeless piece that has a place in any wardrobe, and is sure to turn some heads. Perfect for fall or winter wear so you can be warm and stylish- pair it with soft leather boots, a scarf, and a matching handbag to tie the whole look together.

Bobeau Floral Blazer

This is a lovely jacket that’s great for spring or summer. It features ¾ length sleeves and a loose, boxy, cut. The floral motifs add just the right amount of eye-catching detail. Wear it with a skirt or denim shorts.

And a pink or coral shirt to bring out the colors of the flowers. It can be styled casually or more formally, making it a super versatile piece that’s great for any style. It’s a super high quality piece for a great price, so it’s for sure worth checking out.

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GUESS Floral Trench Coat

Here’s another floral option that’s great for spring. It’s long sleeved to keep you dry in spring showers, and features adjustable cuffs and a flattering waist tie. It’s plenty bold to function as a statement piece, but it’s also appropriate enough for just about any setting.

The light pink background gives it a playful air that’s exactly what spring needs. Pair with a black dress for a more formal look, or throw it over a pastel sundress for something bright and playful. It looks great no matter how you style it.

UO Belted Double-Breasted Trench Coat

This long coat features a rich burgundy color and tortoiseshell buttons. It’s a classic piece with a little bit of a modern twist that looks great in fall or winter.

Wear it over a thick, chunky sweater to add textural contrast, and leather boots for the perfect cold weather look that’s comfy, warm, and stylish. The color is almost neutral, so you can wear this piece with just about anything. It can dress up any outfit.

Double Breasted Blazer in Sequin

This blazer from ASOS is a stunning, sparkly, statement piece that’s perfect for any season. It’s coated in chunky silver sequins that will catch everyone’s attention. This is a perfect piece to wear out to a club or a concert. If you’re feeling bold, then this is the piece for you.

Wear over a black cocktail dress or with skinny jeans for an easy night out look. It can also make a really unique statement when paired with a bright graphic tee and chunky heels.

Vero Moda Bright Check Blazer

This is a funky blazer with a vintage twist. The light pink color makes it a fun spring or summer option. The plaid patterning looks great with denim shorts or a denim mini skirt and a tank top or crop top underneath.

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This is a great piece for wearing in a more casual setting, like out with friends or brunch. It can also be worn with trousers or a pencil skirt in a professional setting. It’s a unique, versatile piece that is worth checking out.

Monki Two-Piece Check Blazer in Gray

This is a more masculine take on the jacket. The blue checks add a fun pop of color that really takes the piece to the next level. It’s a great fall or winter piece when worn with trousers and a comfy, solid-color turtleneck.

Leather boots, flats, or even heels are good shoe options. A matching statement necklace can tie the look all together. If you’re looking for a simpler, more masculine blazer, then check this one out.

AllSaint Isla Blazer

This is a sleek, high fashion blazer that is an absolute must-have for any style. It’s simple and black, and it’s perfect for everything from professional events to travel to elegant parties. It goes great with everything from pencil skirts to distressed skinny jeans.

Wear it with a button down for something more formal or a graphic tee if you want to keep it casual. It’s a truly timeless piece, so if you buy it now, you’ll be able to wear it for years to come.

Jessamin Blazer

This is a super cute, comfy blazer that’s great for casual Fridays, but also for jet setters everywhere. Wear it with comfy skinny jeans or jeggings, a loose t-shirt, and booties.

For a look that can go from airport security to night out in Europe in the blink of an eye. It’s also an affordable choice that’s still really good quality. If you really want to dress it up, wear it over a tight cocktail dress.

Superdown Ariel Crop Trench Coat

This is a perfect summer piece. Who says you can’t wear trench coats in the summer? This cropped piece features a fun, bright, pink color that is perfect for warm weather. Wear with denim shorts and a crop top. It also goes wonderfully with lace to add textural interest to the look.

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Gold jewelry will go perfectly with the metallic accents on the piece.  If you’re looking to add something a little different to your summer wardrobe, then this is the piece for you.

The Kensington Heritage Trench Coat in Mid Grey

This is the classic Burberry trench coat. It is expensive, but it is an investment that will last a lifetime. It’s perfect for fall and winter weather, and for wearing to formal events and even just out to coffee.

It can be styled virtually any way you want. The soft grey color is the perfect complement for any outfit, but it’s available in tan and black, too. It’s worth the money, we promise. All you need to finish it off is a matching scarf.

Women’s Belted Blazer

You can wear white after Labor Day if it’s this blazer. It’s a lovely creamy white color with tortoiseshell buttons and an attached belt that’s great for accentuating your waist. It’s a great winter piece when paired with dark jewel tones like evergreen and ruby.

Incorporate them with a scarf or sweater. An off white like this one also looks amazing with brown leather, so try brown leather boots or a bag for a really easy way to step up your look.

Versace: Grey Pinstripe Blazer

This blazer is definitely a splurge, but it’s worth it. The pinstripes and gold buttons give it an old school 1940s movie star kind of feel. It looks great with button down shirts and trousers to keep the vibe going.

It’s 100% wool, so it’s a fabulous option for fall and winter weather when you want a piece that can be worn inside and outside with ease. If you want a super dramatic look, try pairing it with a wide brimmed hat.

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